Terms & Conditions

Personal data / Intended purpose

MULTICULTURALBRITAINTHINK.CO.UK has been set up by Quant Edge Ltd., which is registered in the UK. We will gather some personal details about you at the beginning of your membership and will store this data until your membership ends. These details are always used by us anonymously and only for the purposes of market research. The findings of each survey is always provided in an anonymous form. Your answers never be linked with your name and your address or passed on to third parties. Furthermore, we observe the professional ethics of Market and Social Research UK. This data protection declaration does not apply to the external links and internet offers from third parties. At the time of registering you provide your personal data and other demographic data and voluntarily agree to participate in market research surveys. Your personal data is treated with strict confidence. By registering with you agree to allow us to send you invitations to survey projects via email. We may also send you reminders to complete surveys by text message if you have registered your mobile number. We also use your personal data to process your Rewards.

Disclosure of Information

Your personal data may be forwarded to companies, which provide a service for our business. Your personal data will only be used and processed for these specific services. These services include, email distribution in our name, delivery of prizes from prize draws and the redemption of rewards. MULTICULTURALBRITAINTHINK.CO.UK is sold to another company or merged, we will inform you of this and of the possibilities regarding your personal data.

IP address

At the time of participation of surveys, MULTICULTURALBRITAINTHINK.CO.UK saves the IP address and browser settings to avoid a duplicate participation. This information will not be passed on to a third party and is never used together with your personal data when surveys are being evaluated.

Your right to data access

In case you need further information with regards to our privacy policy or the security of our website, please contact us under info@multiculturalbritainthink.co.uk

Rewards Dashboard text

Please note the rewards page is still under construction. We will be notifying you when you cross the redemption threshold. We hope to have the process automated very soon. in the meantime if you have any questions please email info@multiculturalbritainthink.co.uk